Eye Wear

We recommend eye wear products that are based on your medical needs and stylistic wants. We carefully selected our product partners and lab service provider that are the best in the industry and an ideal fit for communities we serve.


Consumers face numerous eyewear options today. Our goal at Envision is to provide our patients with (1) the best value eyewear for money or/and (2) unique eyewear that no other places offer. In order to accomplish this goal, we often go out of our way and directly contact foreign eyewear manufacturers who produce high quality products but are unknown in the US. Whenever possible, we try to cut middlemen so that our patients benefit

Lenses and Coatings

Using High Definition digital technology our lenses simulate the human eye in every angle, prescription, and field of vision. Our premium Anti-Glare coatings result in better vision with less eye fatigue while diminishing glare and reducing reflections.  Our progressive lenses include cutting-edge Essilor Varilux and Shamir lenses

Contact Lenses

The wrong type of contact solutions – along with their preservatives – can cause dryness, protein build-up, and red eyes. Our experienced doctor prescribes contact lens solutions based on your unique individual needs, in order to keep you in the best comfort throughout the day.  We have all the latest contact lens products from, among others, Alcon and Coopervision

Some of Our Designer Brands

“Asian Fit” Frames

We also offer high-quality eyewear customized specifically for Asian faces – with wider front and higher nosepiece. We not only directly partner with Julio Eyewear and Seesun Optical of South Korea, but also produce house brand, “Envision” that is hand-crafted by skilled Japanese artisans in Sabae, Japan