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Dare To Be Independent

In a sea of national optical chain stores, we are committed to remaining a family-owned, independent practice. We aim to build personal relationships with our patients by providing tailored eye care products and services for our ethnically diverse communities here in Aurora.

Why Choose Envision?

We ask ourselves this question often so we can stay true to our core values. Our mission is to provide superior eye care to the communities here in Aurora and its vicinity.

The Envision team is an Aurora-based practice; we live here, and our children go to school here. We often run into our patients in grocery stores and recreation centers. When our patients are our neighbors, how can we not care?

We are invested in our communities and strive to constantly and consistently improve our standard of care.

Our Team

Dr. Jeong

Optometrist & Co-founder of Envision Eye Care

Dr. Jeong grew up in Colorado and lived in many different parts of the US and the world. In 2013, she returned to Colorado to live close to the rest of her family members, working as part of a large group practice in the Medical Center of Aurora until she decided to start own practice, Envision Eye Care, in 2015.

She earned her undergraduate degree in Biology and Psychology from Boston University and graduated with honors from the Illinois College of Optometry. For more than 15 years, she has served as a primary optometrist for several independent, regional, and national eye care providers. She is currently a member of the American Optometric Association and Colorado Optometric Association.

Living in Aurora, Dr. Jeong loves cooking and traveling with her family, including two sons, Brandon and Sam. Additionally, she is an active member of a local church.

Our Story

“Every solution starts with a problem. From an eye doctor’s perspective, the problem is too many people in our neighborhood visit their eye doctors only after they experience serious vision issues. No real preventative care exists.

There are many reasons why people fail to check their eyes regularly, such as cost, inertia, and fear of seeing a doctor. We believe there exists one more reason: people often don’t feel that their eye care professionals understand them or can relate to them.

In October 2015, my husband JK and I started Envision Eye Care to provide a different kind of eye care to people living in Aurora and its neighboring areas, including Denver, Centennial, Greenwood Village, Englewood, and Parker. Caring. Efficient. Affordable – in a beautifully modern office so that more people can come and take preventative eye care steps with us.

We believe that everyone has the right to better health, vision, and style. We are determined to provide superior eye care services to more people in Aurora and its vicinity.”

Dr. Jeong

Insurance Accepted

At Envision, we accept many insurance plans such as major government insurance plans (Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare), most private insurance plans (United Health, Humana, Anthem BCBS, Atena) and key vision plans (VSP, Spectera and EyeMed).

We request that you provide details of your insurance at scheduling so that we may serve you better by checking your eligibility ahead of time. Please bring your insurance cards with you to your appointment.

Visit Our Office

Our practice is conveniently located at the intersection between S Parker Rd and E Belleview Ave, just across the street from the Goodwill.


5001 S Parker Rd. #204
Aurora, CO 80015


Phone: 720-507-7004
Text: 720-401-7180
[email protected]


9 AM6 PM
9 AM6 PM
9 AM6 PM
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9 AM1 PM

Our Services

We offer both routine and comprehensive eye exams to detect vision problems and keep your eyes healthy. We use the latest in advanced instrumentation – such as OCT and Visual Field Analyzers – to detect certain diseases.

Adult & Senior Eye Exams

It is important to have support when you are dealing with different eye conditions, and that’s why we offer complete diagnosis’ and co-management of eye diseases for your knowledge and comfort.

Eye Disease Diagnosis & Management

Dry eyes can be managed with a variety of different treatments. We want to make sure that you find a treatment that works best for you, so don’t hesitate to book an appointment today!

Dry Eye Therapy

Contact lenses can be difficult to manage for specialized conditions or new users. We offer contact lens exams and fittings to ensure you are comfortable and knowledgeable about your new lenses.

Contact Lens Exams, Fittings, & Brands
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Discover What People Say About Us


Svetlana Lobyan
Svetlana Lobyan
16:24 27 May 23
I am so lucky I came across a Google listing of envision eye care. They have one of the nicest offices I have been to, along with very friendly staff and thorough exams. My family has a history of eye disease so I am very picky with the offices I trust with my eyes and I definitely feel at peace coming to this office. I have been visiting this office for 3 years now and recommend it to all my friends and family.
Rosalie Masoero-Palmer
Rosalie Masoero-Palmer
19:29 11 May 23
On April 26th, I was scheduled for the same routine eye exam at Envision Eyecare. An Exam I have received without issue for 20+ years, all over the country. I was unable to be examined because the exam room did not accommodate my wheelchair. This is a fact. I was told – very politely – by your front office staff that I could not be seen from my wheelchair. This is a fact. When I pushed back on the staff, they went to the back to talk to Doctor Jeong. The doctor did not return with the staffer, the staffer returned with a message for me that if I was unable to transfer into the chair, I could not receive my exam. This is a fact. I did not pursue this any further – the doctor had been consulted, why would I continue to waste everyone’s time? No one offered to assist me into the chair, like you seem to think. That is a fact. I decided I was not interested in forcing you to take my money. Instead, I left the office. I stayed in the hallway outside of your office, crying. I called my spouse to pick me up and shared my experience with them and later my friends.I do not desire to defame your business. My goal is to share my perspective, so you have adequate knowledge to *make improvements* to your office, when possible. Individuals with disabilities are a minority group whose needs are often not met because there is no system for improving inaccessible businesses. The onus then falls on people with disabilities, which exhausts us and prompts us to simply take our business elsewhere. After 34 years of experiencing this, I have decided I will do my best to voice my concerns, politely, from now on. This is hard for me, but I do it in hopes of improving the businesses I experience. If you are within minimal standards for the state, and that is good enough for your business, that is your right; however, you have now been told that these minimal standards exclude a large portion of the disabled population. You must now decide if you will use this information to improve your business over time, or not.When I shared my experience with my friends and family, they came to my defense. I did not write a review – until now. Instead, I reached out to JK and Dr. Jeong directly, via email, on April 28th. It is now May 11th, and all of the reviews from my friends have received defensive public replies, but you have not responded to me. This seems to be your chief complaint in my visit to your office. I did not continue to engage with you in person, as I was very emotional and no effort was made on the part of the doctor to engage with me. So, I emailed you. I did this to share my experience, calmly, in hopes that you will see that your current approach is not inclusive and needs to be amended. Perhaps you are meeting minimum standards for accessibility, but would you accept minimum standards in terms of eyecare? Likely not. I encourage you to take this feedback and remember it the next time you discuss whether or not it is financially or morally worth it to obtain a retractable exam chair. I hope you will then choose more than the minimum standards, and truly embrace a business model of caring for all people.I am not interested in continuing this conversation and I will not respond to additional comments. On April 27th, I resumed my search for an eye exam and located (easily) accessible, accommodating, kind, eyecare from businesses who strove to select equipment and offices which allow for more than the minimum standard of accessibility.
Martha Cearley
Martha Cearley
16:46 11 May 23
I would not patronize a business that does not treat its clients with dignity and respect. A friend of mine, who uses a wheelchair, recently had what should have been a routine eye examination appointment with Envision Eyecare. Instead, she left their office within five minutes of her arrival because, through their non-compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), they would not provide service. They compounded this failure by acting in a disrespectful manner to her and minimizing her dignity. Specifically, when she arrived, the first thing they asked her was, “do you have an assistant?” as though a person with disabilities is unable to function independently in society. The office told her that they had no clients with disabilities, a clear indication that they are unable to treat all people and certainly unable to comply with federally mandated requirements for providing professional services. Their exam room is too small to accommodate a wheelchair or provide space for a transfer to the examination chair. Their examination equipment is on a moveable arm which could have made it possible to conduct an examination without a transfer except that, once again, the room was too small to accommodate a wheelchair. The doctor was made aware of these issues and apparently chose not to resolve any issues or even meet with my friend to work to a possible solution. Under the ADA, a private entity may not deny the opportunity to access services to clients with disabilities. Unfortunately, this is exactly what Envision Eyecare chose to do and, because of this, I urge you not to do business with a provider who illegally chooses to discriminate against persons with disabilities.
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